Goodkid snack bars for kids Review !

Whether the kids are headed off to school, field trips or even soccer practice etc.
having a snack packed in their bag is a must but at times it's not a healthy one. 

Don't you wish there was a snack that both you and your kids could feel good about? 

I present to an all natural healthy snack bar made just for kids, which I'm sure you'll be nibbling on too. Shh I won't tell! 

I came across GoodKid online and just had to try them, I love a good snack bar that I can take with me to work to help get me through the day or as a post workout snack.

Here is some GoodKid Facts:

Certified gluten free
Non GMO 
Made with all natural ingredients 
Made with organic fruit
Peanut free
Contains only 6 natural sugars
Packed with antioxidants and omega 3's 

Goodkid sent me their bars for review in exchange for my honest opinion. Here are the flavors I was sent. 

Oatmeal raisin:
What can I say this bar was amazingly delicious and tasted just like an oatmeal raisin cookie.

Lemon blueberry:
I loved the zing from the lemons and the chunks of sweet blueberries throughout the bar ! It was the perfect snack to hold me till lunch ! It seriously tastes like a lemon blueberry muffin so yummy! 

Apple cinnamon:
Apples and cinnamon go hand in hand it's the perfect creation like ever it warms the soul and goes great on anything from yogurt to ice cream! This bar was delicious I crumbled it up and put it on some Wallaby organic vanilla yogurt with some raisins. I liked that the bar was slightly sweet and you could taste both Apple and cinnamon throughout each bite !   




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