Great Low Carb Bread company Review !

Healthy foods shouldn't taste bad or have the consistency of a sponge when you bite into them. I've tried many foods throughout my weight loss journey and some offer a cardboard like taste and just are awful. Are you tired of eating healthy foods that lack flavor if so then you have got to check out this wonderful company by the name of Great Low Carb Bread Company that believes in healthy food that tastes good. They have all sorts of products from breads, bagels, muffins and much more! 

Great Low Carb products won't raise your blood sugar.

All natural
Low in carbs

I came across Great Low Carb on Instagram and just had to try them their products sounded so delicious from their breads to their desserts and much more ! 

Great Low Carb bread company sent me some of their products for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

I couldn't wait to try them all of the products out that I was sent. Here is what I received !

Everything bagel:

I absolutely love bagels plain, sesame, poppyseed, onion you name it, what's even better is a bagel with all those Flavors in one which is an everything bagel! They are so flavorful and taste even better when toasted whether you spread on cream cheese or butter or even jam! 

Chocolate brownie:

If it's one thing I love it's chocolate and this brownie surely hit the spot! It was 
moist,full of chocolate flavor and delicious ! I topped it with some Truwhip and 
chopped up
some chocolate I had in the house for a little treat and it was phenomenal ! 

Almond cake square:
What can I say about this little square of heaven? It was moist, full of flavor and delicious! It went along perfectly with some truwhip topping for a little sweet treat ! 

Plain bread:

I liked the texture of this bread and how great it cooked when I made some stuffed french toast this morning it came out fluffy and delicious! You can enjoy this bread as a sandwich and much more ! 

Chocolate chip muffin:
When I think of chocolate chip muffins I think of a muffin that's filled with chocolate chips especially on the top of the muffin. This muffin however I didn't see any chocolate chips on the top of the muffin until the last few bites of the muffin were there were a few chocolate chips, don't get me wrong this muffin was fluffy and delicious but there wasn't a whole lot of chip! However I did like 
that it was just the 
right size muffin and was even better with a tablespoon of creamy Superbutter spread 

Paleo maple granola:

This granola was amazing it was perfectly crunchy and gave a nice sweet maple flavor that was just right! Went along great in some plain yogurt topped with a little banana and raisins ! 




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