Yourtea 14 day tinytea teatox review !

A couple weeks ago I was feeling unhappy which made my eating habits a bit out of control eating whatever I wanted when I wanted it even though I was going to the gym six days a week I still gained weight.

I came across Yourteas Tinytea through Instagram one day and have done a tea cleanse awhile back and was interested in trying their product. Thank goodness for the 14 day tiny tea I was sent for review that whipped me back into shape!  This product is a lifesaver I'll tell you! At first I was skeptical because I was eating healthy, going to the gym and working out at home but was still gaining weight but not by much I was confused and didn't understand it at all! 

it's funny because I'm not much of a tea drinker if you ask me I love my coffee whether it's morning or during the afternoon and during the 14 days I gave up drinking coffee, ate healthy but treated myself with a dessert like frozen yogurt once in awhile.

How does Tinytea work?

Reduces bloating
Improves skin clarity 
Reduces weight 
Increases digestion functionally 
Increased energy
And helps alleviate issues with food intolerances

Since it's been getting cold outside this tea was the perfect way to warm me up.

What is Tinytea made with? 

Tinytea is made with he ye, Shan zha,  lai fu zi, Chen pi, mai  ya,  jue ming zi and oolong tea.

Tinytea does contain gluten but they also offer a gluten free version for those who have a gluten allergy.  

Tinytea is made

You should consume tinytea morning, afternoon and evening 30 minutes before consuming a meal. You can flavor with a hint of honey and lemon or drink up just as is after you steep it in a boiling cup of hot water for 5-7 minutes. 

On days I was on the go all day I prepared my tea in the morning and put it in a shaker bottle and chugged it down like ice tea and loved it as well! 

Each person is built differently one might lose weight during their teatox while one might have clearer skin.

I am completely surprised at how this product worked not only did it taste good it gave my sustained energy, the bloating in my stomach was reduced, I was craving sweets less and best of all I lost a total of eight pounds !

Here's a before and after photo of me the one in the mirror is before and the one of me stretching after a gre
The best part of all is that Yourtea has many different tea options from Hangover tea to teas for weight loss and much more I highly recommend you check them out today ! 

Thanks Tinytea for giving me a push back in the right direction ! I will defiantly be purchasing this product in the future ! 







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