Fuelforfire review

It all began with mother and cross fitter Cofounder of Fuel For Fire Cindy Berg, who wanted a healthier snack option that's convenient for on the go snacking other than her children's applesauce pouches as a healthy snack for on the way to the gym.  

Thing is though with applesauce there's a lot of carbs, she thought to herself it would be a lot better if there was protein added. 

So then she created Fuel For Fire which offers a blend of both protein and fruit. She teamed up with her  friend Rob Gilfeather who isn't just an extraordinary chef but a world class ironman the triathlete.

They came up with Flavors that not only tasted delicious but met the needs of athletes to fuel them before or after a workout. 

Before Fuel For Fire launched they tested their product with their friends at Crossfit New England and they loved it, and then you can guess what happened ! Fuel For Fire was born ! 

I came across a wonderfully written review online about Fuel for Fire products and thought they sounded delicious and would be the perfect addition to my workouts ! 

Here are some facts about them.

Used as a High performance snack and also for pre and post workout to refuel your body.

Paleo friendly 
Gluten free
No added sugar
Contains 10 grams of protein 

Fuelforfire flavors come in four delicious flavors that I received for review and couldn't wait to try them especially after my intense and sweaty workouts ! 

So here are the tasty fruity flavors that fuelforfire has sent me.


10 grams of protein 
Carbs 17 grams 
Calories 110
Fat 0 grams 

Contains whey protein isolate, banana, pineapple, mango,water, ascorbic acid, citric acid and natural 

I fell in love with this flavor at first sip it was like my tastebuds traveled back in time to Summer with the waves crashing at my feet at the beach.

Banana Cocoa:

Calories 130
10 grams of protein
22 grams of carbs
And only 1 gram of fat 

Apples, banana, whey protein isolate, unsweetened Dutch cocoa, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) natural flavor citric acid 

I loved the creamy chocolaty taste and the fruitiness it was so delicious and was the perfect snack to keep me on my toes at work ! 

Triple Berry:

14 grams of carbs
Fat 0grams
100 calories
And 10 grams carbohydrates of protein 
Made with puréed strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and pear along with whey protein isolate, water, natural flavor, and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 
First flavor I tried of Fuelforfire and I have to say I am in love ! It's creamy, sweet and delicious and it felt great knowing that it was made with all the good stuff and was the perfect post workout snack! 

Sweet Potato Apple:

15 grams of carbs
10 grams of protein 
0 fat
And only 100 calories
Made with sweet potatoes, apples, pears, whey protein isolate, cinnamon, natural flavor and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)

This pouch was the perfect post workout snack after hitting the gym this morning! It got really hot and sweaty and this snack was well deserved it tasted like a healthier version of a sweet potato pie ! 

Fuel your fire today! 







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