Folgers Flavors Crowdtap Sampling !

Whether first thing in the morning with my breakfast or late in the afternoon I love to have is coffee! I don't know what it is maybe from the aroma of the beans that are wafting through the air on a crisp chilly morning or the warmth of the cup wrapped around my hands and the fact that it perks me right up to get ready for the day?

Or just maybe it's that first sip you get right out of a pot of freshly brewed coffee and the bold taste as you savor each and every sip to the last drop!

So how do you take your coffee? Black? Cream? Sugar? Well for me I love my coffee with almond milk and a bit of sugar sometimes and I absolutely love is flavored coffee.

You go to your local coffee shop and order your favorite coffee with a double shot of flavored syrup, sugar, whipped cream etc. and come to find out it's loaded with a ton of fat, sugar and calories. 

You say to yourself sure I can make it at home but it won't taste as good as the coffee shop where I get it from! 

It's a lot easier to make your drinks at home because you get to control what goes into it and how much and it's just as delicious as your local coffee shops! 

Folgers coffee invented a new product and I'm so excited I get to share it with you all today on my blog! Ah, the excitement! I was selected on Crowdtap to sample not one but four Folgers Flavors coffee enhancers! 

What is Folgers Flavors you ask !?

Folgers Flavors is a liquid flavor shot that you use to squeeze into your coffee for that creamy and nutty taste we as coffee lovers can't seem to get enough of !

Being that I'm a huge fan of coffee I couldn't wait to add these delicious shots into my coffee for a hint of sweetness, especially for those chilly days that have arrived!

Folgers Flavors come in these four yummy Flavors mocha, vanilla, hazelnut and caramel! 

I love mocha flavored anything from ice cream to coffee just the bold taste of coffee and the smoothness of the chocolate is pure satisfaction if you ask me! Mocha was my first Folgers Flavors to test in my morning coffee it was pure heaven in a cup it was creamy, delicious and was the perfect way to start my day! 


You can never go wrong with vanilla flavored coffee It goes wonderfully with some deliciously crunchy biscotti ! This flavor was amazing the essence of vanilla and the bold rich taste from the coffee was out of bounds ! 

If it's one flavor I love in my coffee it's caramel ! I squirted some caramel Folgers Flavors into my coffee and fell in love at first sip. The rich and buttery taste of caramel 
flavored the coffee perfectly and how can I forget the crunchy chocolaty biscotti I had on the side to dip into my coffee! 

Today was a chilly day and this delightful deliciously nutty coffee was much needed! I shared my hazelnut Folgers coffee flavoring with my best friend in the whole world I call her mom ! It paired with the coffee perfectly, it tasted just like a Ferraro Rocher truffle ! The hazelnut flavor was on point and mom liked it too which is surprising because she takes her coffee plain !  

I totally recommend these Flavors to enhance your cup of boring coffee that only seems to make you snooze later on check them out on their website now and see where they are sold! 




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