Cascade Ice Waters Review

Ever feel like your water you drink is just dull and needs a little bit of a kick with some flavor?

Cascade Ice makes the most delicious flavored waters that I have ever tried!

They are lightly sweetened, refreshing, tons of great flavors and you can mix them into an alcohol imaginable.

These amazing flavors such as lemonade and coconut remind me of sitting on the beach relaxing and hearing the waves crashing with the scent of suntan lotion, it's like summer in a bottle!

When I came across their drinks online I just knew I had to try them!

I love flavored waters especially coconut! 

I was sent some flavors to try for review and was so excited when I saw the lemonade and coconut flavor!

Love the bottles and the tags that were tied on them!

A thought popped into my heard when I saw them!

They are the perfect baby shower/birthday gift for someone!

Low in calories and a drink you can enjoy!


So delicious and not to much of a lemon flavor where you have to pucker your lips because it's too sour.


Yum, so delicious and refreshing! I was in absolute awe of how great this flavor tasted!

Pink Grapefruit:

Not bad! Delicious

The drink mixes:

Works really well in cocktails or mojitos 

You can check them out online here:

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