Boulder Granola Review

Unleash your inner hippie with healthy and satisfying tasty granola from Boulder Granola.

Hand mixed and baked in small batches to perfection!

Their ingredients are made up of all natural goodness such as fruits, nuts, and even chocolate!

When I came across their website and saw the different granola's they had to offer I just new I had to taste them!

I am a huge granola fan and have parfaits for breakfast daily.

One day this box arrived on my doorstep and I couldn't wait to see what it was!

Opened it and to my surprise was each flavor that they carry.

The flavors that they sent me for review were:

Chocolate Chip
Gluten Free

I measured out some granola and started to prepare my breakfast, and of course while preparing I just had to sneak a nibble of the granola.

It was amazing!

It wasn't too sweet and I loved the pecans in the granola, it added an extra crunch!

Worked great along with fruit and yogurt!

Here is the finished product!

Time to dig in!

You can make one here just like I did!

All you need is sunflower seeds, chobani vanilla yogurt, strawberries, boulder granola and you've got yourself a delicious yummy snack or breakfast! 

Be sure to check them out online at these sites below!


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Boulder Granola  provided me with samples of their granola's in exchange for a review,however all opinions expressed here are my own.


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