Nugo Slim Nutrition Review

Last year I made some major changes to my lifestyle and it was for the better. I have always been over weight and I wasn't at my highest last year but getting close to it again, due to losing my job a year before I was in a deep depression and would turn to food. 

Even when I was younger I would eat my feelings away which yes isn't good. So one day I looked at myself in the mirror and told myself the time has come to get into shape and stick to it because your life matters and so doesn't your health.

 I chose to join Curves gym to not only get in shape but to lose weight and most importantly feel great about myself.

I was a Curves member for only a short time before I started noticing results in my body due to eating right plus the exercising. I was off to a great start and felt great, and without waking up and coming to my senses I would have been miserable and probably still in the same position I was in before. 

Well it's been a year now since I've joined and I have lost a total of eighty two pounds!

One thing I can not stop eating is sweets, I love them especially chocolate!

I look for healthier alternatives like all natural products that are both delicious and does the trick for a sweet craving, which brought me to these wonderful and delicious bars from Nugo Nutrition.

Protein bars that the whole family will love!

They are all natural, delicious, chocolaty and healthy!

Sweet Facts-

Gluten Free
No artificial sweeteners
17 grams of protein
2 grams of sugar

The difference between other bars and Nugo:

The proof is in the bar!

Usually when you think of a protein bar they are tasteless and dry.

Nugo is creamy yet decadent and delicious and made with healthy all natural ingredients and doesn't offer an after taste that's nasty!

I was sent some of their Nugo Slim bars for review.

I am a huge fan of chocolate so for me to not like something is huge!

Brownie Crunch-

Great chocolate taste with rice crispy like pieces mixed in for the oh so crispy crunch!

It hit the taste of a brownie right on, I can't believe how good it tasted!

It was so much better than a brownie though!

Stopped my sweet craving dead in it's tracks, really did the trick and tasted amazing!

Roasted Peanut-

Sounds oh so delicious and I can't wait to try this one tomorrow!

Raspberry Truffle-

I was completely blown away when I took my first bite of this delicious chocolate bar with freeze dried raspberries mixed in, it was creamy and fruity!

I love freeze dried fruits and with chocolate thrown in the mix of it all offers the most amazing taste ever!

Check out their delicious tasty treats here!


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  1. Oh that brownie crunch sound relish! Thanks for letting me know about this.

  2. Such an inspiring story! I had the same relationship issue with food and always have a weakness for sweets, especially chocolate. I found that keeping the bad stuff outta the house and finding healthy alternatives helped a lot, and I found a nutritional shake to have for breakfast (chocolate flavoured of course) that's really nutrient dense and that's curbed my cravings, helped my weightloss and generally made me feel more energized and happy. Amazing how your body responds when you give it the proper vitamins and minerals it needs! You could even give it a try to review it!

  3. Really good story, I am also fond of sweets and gaining weight. I also want to be in slim size so that my all old dress can be fit to me. I am trying these days for Exclusive Celebrity Slim Bars.


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