Vita Tops Review

Half the fat and calories of a regular muffin. Even though I have lost weight I still eat sweets but in moderation. I came across these decadent tasty looking treats called Vita Tops .I was sent a sampler pack of some of their products for review. They are my healthy go to treat, or a quick and filling breakfast.

What are vita tops? You know the tops on a muffin? That's just what they are! They are so delicious and have a wide variety of flavors ranging from cran-bran to chocolate mint!

They even have little fudge cakes!

What do I love about them?

I love how they only contain 100 calories, the fact that they aren't crumbly like other muffins, nutritious, filling and sweet!

It's a great thing to snack on these knowing you aren't going to feel the guilt afterward!

They are amazingly delicious when you pop them into the microwave for just a few seconds, especially the chocolate ones. They are gooey, decadent and reminds me of a cake just out of the oven. Oh the smell of the chocolate!

You can even add some cool whip on top as well! Yum!

I have to admit, I haven't tried all of the flavors yet that I was sent but I know I am going to love each and every one of them!

So far my favorites are banana chocolate chip, Cran-Bran, Fudgy peanut butter chip, Chocolate Mint and deep chocolate

They are amazingly delicious!

Chocolate Mint-

Tastes to me like a peppermint patty so good and creamy with the cool refreshing minty taste along with the chocolate!

Without the extra fat and calories they are so worth it!

They are Weight Watcher's and Hungry Girl approved!

They have other amazing products such as vita cakes, vita pizzas, muffins, vita breakfast sandwiches and more!

They take the saying "muffin top" to a whole other meaning!

You won't want to pass these little hot cakes up, be sure to check them out and pick up your favorite today!

Delicious & creamy facts:

low in fat
whole grain
low sodium
15 minerals and vitamins
4-10 grams of fiber
3-5 grams of protein
100 calories 


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Sold at:

Whole Foods
Stop & Shop
Dave's Marketplace
Belmont Fruits 
and more!


  1. Yummy! This looks so delicious! Thank you for sharing. I've never heard about them before. I'll have to check them out.

  2. Wow! These look yummy. I need these for my diet.

  3. They are so good, and best of all guilt free!


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