Derm Organics Review

During the winter my skin gets dry and itchy from it being cold out even during the Spring as well!

It's crazy!

I've tried many lotions and hair products so my skin won't be dry and most importantly my hair won't be a big frizz ball!

While browsing on the net one night I came across this wonderful company by the name of Derm Organic and they make all kinds of products ranging from hair products to skin.

They are made with argan oil and will keep your hair and skin from drying out!

When I saw their products I thought to myself I just have to try them!

So I wrote them an email asking them if I could possibly review their products.

Was so excited when I heard the news that I was going to be doing a review on their products!

I couldn't wait to try them!

This is what I received in the photo below.

Argan oil hair treatments:

Daily Conditioning shampoo-

What's great about this shampoo is that it's safe for color treated hair,  makes your hair have a healthy looking shine due to the argan oil of Morocco.

Intensive Hair Repair Masque:

This product right here is great for dry damaged hair and it smooths and softens as well as strengthens hair making it more manageable to brush.

Leave in Treatment:

Speeds drying up to a whopping 30% and also protects hair from thermal damage such as a blow dryer etc.

Also repairs hair making this an outstanding product!

Skin Care Sampler:

Eek in the photo the brown bottle isn't supposed to be in this pic! 

Soap-less facial cleanser:

dry flaky skin?

This facial cleanser right here is amazing!

it moisturizes, cleans and purifies your face making it feel oh so soft!

Facial Moisturizer:

Will make your skin feel softer and not dried out!

Hand and Body Moisture Lotion:

absorbs quickly and doesn't have that oily lotion feel like others do, making skin feel soft and hydrates!

Not tested on animals
sulfate free
gluten free
paraben free
glycol free
propylene free
no artificial preservatives

You to can have stronger healthier hair with Derm Organics!

Check them out online!


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