Mane Teeze Review

One thing I absolutely love is hair care products!

Especially if they are made to make your hair smell nice, which has brought me to this wonderful product I will be discussing with my readers today!

Browsing on the net one night I came across this perfume site called Mane Teeze ,

and guess what

It's for your hair! 

Say what? Yes you heard me right it's for hair!

I thought to myself I have got to try these!

The truth just got sweeter:

*Doesn't leave an oily residue on hair
*won't conflict with other fragrances
*lasts up to 12 hours!
*Won't dry your hair out
*Higher concentrate of fragrance
*Great on all hair types
*2-3 sprays is all you will need!
*Sulfate and paraben free
*PETA approved

All you do is spray it on, style it and you are good to go, well your hair is anyway.

They have three wonderful amazing scents I know you will love!

With just a spritz you'll leave your man wanting more, of the scent that is!

They smell so good!

How do I know?

I was sent some Mane Teeze perfume sprays for review and had the pleasure of smelling these wonderful potions!

You can use these for a hot date, a girls night out, or after a workout to freshen up your mane .Laugh out Loud.

The scents:

Black Widow

this one smells divine!

With the scent of grapes infused with dark amber leaving a floral scent in that beautiful hair!

Work it girl!

Haut Mess
Now this is one that smells so good you are going to want to eat!

Chocolate infused with luscious caramel aroma.

Yes chocolate perfume for your hair!

The guys will love the smell of this and leave them thinking of a decadent dessert!

Social Butterfly

Now didn't I tell you before that I just love coconut!

Well this one has that coconut scent that will leave you thinking of the beach in the summer time!

You have got to check out their site!

Order them!

You won't be disappointed!


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