Fiona's Natural Foods Review

As you may know I eat yogurt daily for breakfast along with some fresh fruit and granola. I just love all the different tastes married together, it's light, sweet and the perfect breakfast that is quick and fills me up for half the day!

I was browsing the web one night and came across this web site that makes all natural products such as granola, trail mix and granola quinoa energy bars! I was like whoa, trail mix! I am so in! 

I was stoked when I found out that I was going to be doing a review on their products! I was sent an amazing assortment of natural foods from Fiona's Granola they sent eight different kinds of granola, guess they heard I love granola? 

A bag of trail mix and the bars as well!

Whoa. these products are amazing!

Each product has it's own unique twist to them, and I will tell you all about them!

Sunflower Vanilla Coconut Granola-

I absolutely love coconut flavored foods especially granola!

This granola is surprisingly tasty, not too much of a coconut taste when you pop the clusters into your mouth but mixed in with some you guessed it yogurt, you can really taste it!

Cinnamon Almond Granola-

Bursting with phenomenal cinnamon flavor in every bite!

You will love it, goes along great with apples too!

I mixed an apple in along with my yogurt this morning and it was heavenly!

I mean wow, talk about flavorful!

Oops, in the photo above the bag isn't inside of the box.

Bag burst open when I opened it and had to put it into a container, yikes!

Not too sweet, the taste was just right and along with the sunflower seeds it made the perfect quick and easy go to breakfast or snack if you aren't a breakfast person!

Psst, goes great with coffee too!

Orange Crunch Granola-

Crispy orange granola infused with a citrus orange flavor and perfect for ice cream or yogurt!

This will surely wake up your taste buds, time to pucker up baby it's breakfast time!

Cranberry Orange Granola Bar-

Oh my what can I say about this tasty delicious granola bar?

moistly baked to perfection, not an overwhelming and powerful orange taste what so ever and perfectly paired with the tartness of the plump and juicy cranberries. To me it tasted just like a cranberry orange muffin!

Still more delicious products to try!

It was so delicious!

Be sure to check them out on the sites below!


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  1. Looks like something I'd try! Thanks for the review! I think the orange crunch would be my favorite type!!

  2. I would try each, and everyone of those granola combinations! Never heard of Fionas until now, but will def. check them out. Love to eat!

  3. They are amazing! made with quinoa as well! So good! The cinnamon almond flavor is so delicious and works great along apples in a yummy parfait for a snack or breakfast!


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