Do More Bars Review

If there was one thing I loved eating as a kid it was rice crispy treats whether my family made them or bought them at the store.

I enjoyed unwrapping a crispy marshmallow treat that was packed in my lunch, couldn't wait till lunch time everyday at school!

It was sweet and delicious and the perfect treat for snack time!

Making them was a lot of fun too!

I came across this cereal bar company called Do More Bars that are packed with nutritious ingredients such as fruits and nuts and they reminded me of my favorite treat.

When I saw them I just had to try them!

They are a much more healthier cereal bar and they don't just have one flavor either!

I quickly emailed the company asking them if I could review their yummy products.

I was so excited when I was sent their delicious bars and couldn't wait to try them!

Not only did they look like the marshmallow treats they tasted just like them too, without the marshmallow!

How amazing is that?

Pineapple Coconut:

I am a huge fan of all things pineapple and coconut, you name it I love it!

What can I say about this bar?

It was so delicious!

Crispy, great amount of flavor with chunks of pineapple and coconut through out the bar.

So far this one is my favorite!

Orange Cranberry Pecan:

This one reminded me of a cranberry orange muffin!

The cranberries gave a tangy taste with the sweetness of the oranges and crunchy pecans! 

Made a delicious and healthy snack!

Cherry Almond:

So delicious, reminds me of Christmas time!

Date Pecan:

I absolutely loved this one, the taste of the pecans and dates went very well together!

Raisin Peanut:

Great flavor and loved the juicy plump sweetness of the raisins!

Healthy Facts:

No artificial flavors or colors
no hydrogenated oils
no sulfates or preservatives
no marshmallow creme
no corn syrup
packed with nuts and fruits
made with organic whole grain crispy brown rice

You can order them online at their Website:

Face Book:

Due to FCC guidelines:
Do More Bars sent me their cereal bars in exchange for a product review. However, All the opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. these look really yummy and since they are healthy no guilt!

  2. Those look really good! I'm glad they're healthy too!


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