Woolite Crowdtap Party Kit

When it comes to my clothing I look for a detergent that will keep them looking new and Woolite has certainly been the best in doing so.

I recently was sent Woolite samples through Crowdtap for a party and absolutely love sharing with others samples like laundry detergent so they can see just how great the product really is!

At first I was a bit skeptical in using Woolite because I thought, yeah right like the colors won't fade after doing my laundry?

So then I just said oh the heck with it I'll try them myself to see if they actually really work!

From working to working out or just everyday use the clothing colors tend to fade, well not Woolite! 

So after a few uses of the detergent I noticed my clothing still looked good as new, no color fade what so ever!

It was simply amazing! How can a product work that great especially a sample size?

I was so excited that my friends and family would be able to see for themselves as well because Crowdtap was generous enough to send me some samples for myself, friends and family for being selected for a party!

So save those colors and use Woolite!

I just wanted to thank Crowdtap and Woolite for picking me!


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