Acure Organics Review

I absolutely love body care products and also trying new skin care products for my face.

When I came across these products on the website and saw that they had a Pumpkin Coconut body wash I just knew that I had to try them out! (I love Coconut products) :) 

I was sent the most wonderful assortment of  body and facial products from Acure Organics for review.

Pumpkin Coconut Body Wash

I love coconut scented products especially bath and body stuff such as lotions, body wash you name it I love it!

This body wash is amazing it smells outrageously delicious!

Reminds me of a pumpkin pie with coconut cream on top it's just that luxurious and makes your skin feel so soft!

Dab a small amount onto skin or a wash cloth or even a loofah and enjoy!

You will love this scent and how it makes your skin feel.

Mandarin Orange and  Morracan Argan stem cell advanced triple moisture body lotion

I am in love with this lotion.

It offers a great orange scent on your skin making your skin feel softer like never before and also doesn't have leave that oily residue behind.

It's not a lotion that's real thick either which I love.

pure mint and echinacea stem cell shampoo and conditioner

I have to admit I've never tried a shampoo and conditioner that had a mint scent but I am impressed!

I love it!

Made my hair silky and smooth and didn't leave it feeling dried out the next day.

Smells wonderful, so give your silky hair a flip if you dare!

Lip Balm Dark Chocolate and Mint

my lips just got sweeter with this wonderful chocolaty minty lip balm!

Smells tasty I do have to admit, don't be alarmed I didn't eat it! Laugh out loud.

Will make your lips kiss-ably smooth.

I also received face care products but haven't tested them yet.

When I do I will update and let you know what I think!


Bright Pink- national non profit organization that provides support and education for young women who are at a high risk for ovarian and breast cancers.

Trees for the future- helps plant trees around the world a charity to be able to one day drink safe water

*Key points to why these products are amazing*

For the planet:

Green products
Green packaging

For your skin:

high quality skin care products made from fair trade, pure and natural certified organic ingredients


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  1. This sounds awesome! I love green products and it sounds wonderful for me too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. All of these products sound amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a great company! I love lip balm and chocolate sounds heavenly!

  4. I so want to try the pumpkin coconut!

  5. The pumpkin coconut is amazing! Smells so good! Ugh I forgot to use it last night when I showered! oh no!!

  6. The lip balm smells wonderful! Reminds me of a mint chocolate chip vita top!

  7. All of these sound amazing! The pumpkin coconut is a must that I try! I am in love with anything pumpkin! And coconut sweetens the deal! Great review!


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