Crowdtap Cottonelle Care Review

Ladies and gents it's time to get a little bit personal on Losing Weight tonight, by changing up the routine in the bathroom. Feel like your toilet paper is not doing the job and keeping you clean and fresh? If not then it's time to get fresh with Cottonelle! 

I was sent a party pack that contains an 18 roll pack of toilet paper with moist flush able wipes, and I get to give two friends their own package of a 4 pack of Cottonelle toilet paper and a tub of the moist wipes as well!

What I loved about the toilet paper was that it doesn't feel like your wiping with sand paper at all, it's oh so soft and the wipes have a light scent making you feel cleaner.

For my sample shares I chose my mother, sister and a dear friend and member of Curves Gym, and here are some of my photos of the sample shares!

My niece and the display of Cottonelle products!

Maria, looks really happy she got Cottonelle..Oh gosh, she's probably going to hate me for this! Eek!

You and your friends can enjoy the go now with Cottonelle leaving you feel confident, clean and refreshed.

Thank you so much Cottonelle and Crowdtap for sending me this wonderful party package for review!


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