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Goodnessknows snack squares company began in 2010 at an in store sampling located in Denver and Boulder Colorado to savor the delicious yet wholesome taste to the mountain region. 

The consumers absolutely loved the wholesome snacks so much so that Goodnessknows started a full-blown grassroots tour incorporated of joining Denver's bicycle program for bike to work day to raise money for every mile biked by the bike depot of the locals in town.

For years later Goodnessknows then grew to Dallas, Portland and Seattle to spread the goodness to the community !   

Goodnessknows snack squares are made with whole nuts, real fruit and dark chocolate that are perfectly portioned into bite sized pieces making them easy to share! 

I'm on the Goodnessknows mission with smiley360 and was sent their bars for testing purposes only and I couldn't wait to try them out! What's not to love when you've got oats, fruit, nuts and chocolate in one snack!? 

Goodnessknows snacks contain four bite-size squares in each pouch and is only a total of 150 calories!

Goodnessknows snack squares are free from:

 High fructose corn syrup
Artificial colors
Artificial sweeteners
Artificial flavors 

 Goodnessknows snack squares come in three fruity, nutty yet chocolaty delicious flavors to choose from! 

The Mars candy company is an innovator and front runner for the research of cocoa  flavanols. Mars is the only company with over 80 patents to provide cocoapro. 

So what is Cocoa flavanols ?

Coco flavanols are phytonutrients that are found in fruits like cherries, apples and grapes. They are even in our tea as well as you guessed it chocolate! 

I guess you can say it's like a salad? Lol totally kidding! 

Cocoa has a remarkable blend of flavanols that has the same combination that is found unlike no other foods in nature ! 

Cacao was the first flavanol drink of choice centuries ago that was believed 
to have unbelievable restorative powers and that's why it's known as " the food of the gods ".

There's goodness in every square with wholesome oats, fruit, almonds and smooth creamy chocolate!!

Apple Almond Peanut Dark Chocolate:
This bar has Fall written all over it! Why because you've got sweet and crunchy apples tossed with crunchy nutty almonds with peanuts clustered together and drenched in creamy smooth milk chocolate! It's like eating a candy apple without the stick! It was so good! 

This little fruity, nutty, chocolaty gem won't be found in stores till 2016 so keep on the lookout! 

Peachy Cherry:

At first I was skeptical to try this flavor being that it sounded odd to pair peach and chocolate together but I am so glad I did because I absolutely loved it it was sweet, creamy fruity and amazingly delicious !

Very cranberry:

I liked the tanginess from the cranberries, the crunch from the nuts and the smooth creaminess from the chocolate it was delightful ! 

Pass on the goodness today with Goodnessknows snack squares! 

You can find Goodnessknows snack squares at your local Walgreens, rite-aid and CVS pharmacy ! 

The Goodnessknows brand provided me with samples in exchange for review, however all opinions expressed here are my own.






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