O.B. Pro comfort Smiley360 Mission

It all began with Dr. Judith Esser in her search of a reliable tampon but she wound up empty handed.

She then created her own one that was not only comfortable but provided protection from leakage and was easy to use and that's how the O.B. Tampon brand was born! 

So where did the name O.B. Come from? 

Dr. Judith Esser came up with the name 
  • What does o.b.® stand for? 

    O.B. which means "ohne binde" in German means with or "without napkins." (Sanitary pads are often called binde in Europe.)

    O.B. Pro comfort tampons offer unbeatable protection with their fluid-lock 
grooves for locked in leak protection. 

O.B. Pro Comfort tampons lengthen to adjust to your body.

O.B. Pro comfort tampons are applicator free so their tiny size are more low-key and there's less waste. 

O.B. Pro comfort tampons are made with a silk touch cover making them easier to insert.

As if having your period isn't uncomfortable enough what with the cramps and all, it's a hassle when your tampon fails to keep you protected from leaks.

Thanks to O.B. PRO-COMFORT tampons there are no leaks because they contain fluid-lock grooves that help lock in leaks.

I'm on the O.B. Pro comfort mission with smiley360 and in my kit I received the following.

Two boxes of regular O.B. Pro comfort tampons
One box of O.B. Pro comfort super tampons
a tampon travel pouch
Ten coupons for friends and family to try out O.B. Tampons  
I've used O.B. Tampons in the past but I've switched to a more natural brand because they are rayon free.

I have to admit though O.B. Tampons sure do offer great protection against leaks and are comfortable as well. 



The O.B. Tampon brand provided me with samples of their products in exchange for review, however all opinions expressed here are my own. 


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