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Have you ever put any thought into what you eat or drink and how it affects your health? 

Everything that we consume goes straight to our gut which sometimes will cause us discomfort such as bloating and gas depending upon the foods we eat. 

Did you know that our health starts in our gut, belly and digestive tract? Interesting right? 

There's a safe and delicious way to fix our unpleasant digestive problems with  Goodbelly ! 

Goodbelly is a delicious and fruity drink which contains live and active probiotic cultures.

Every drink of Goodbelly contains probiotic digestive helpers that our body needs.

The important probiotic found in Goodbelly which is Lactobacillus plantarum 299v (LP299V®) not only helps strengthen digestive health in your gut but is great during as well as after a run of antibiotics. Helps keep you regular as well. 

Did you know that  70% of our immune system lives in our guts? 

Goodbelly drinks are certified organic, non GMO, vegan, soy and dairy free! 

 Goodbelly glass flavors

Pomegranate blackberry
Blueberry acai 
Tropical Green
Cranberry Watermelon 
Coconut water
Tropical Orange

I found Goodbelly at my local Belmont Fruits market and the mango caught my eye. I love mangoes especially during the summer they are light, refreshing, sweet, and palatable ! I couldn't wait to twist off the top and chug it down to get my gut back on track! 

Within days of drinking Goodbelly I've noticed a difference in the tummy area. 

I'm a firm believer of Goodbelly probiotics and will continue to drink them from now on. 

Goodbelly has perfectly portioned drinks that make a great grab and go drink to wake up your digestive tract while on the run! 

Goodbelly plus shot flavors:

Blueberry acai
Pomegranate blackberry

Goodbelly straight shot is slightly sweet with no added sugar and only 30 calories! 

Goodbelly super shot flavors include Lemon ginger and vanilla chamomile.

Goodbelly brand provided me with a sample of their probiotic juice in exchange for review, however all opinions expressed here are my own. 







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