Pure Indian Foods grass fed Ghee

It all began in northern India with Lala Khoobram Agarwal in the year 1889 where he started his pure ghee company that he passed down to five generations. 

Pure Indian Foods Ghee are made in the USA and are USDA certified organic.

Their ghee is made with milk that's only produced in the Spring through Fall
where the cows are in the pasture eating green grass that's fresh.

Their ghee is then bottled up into glass jars where they elude chemicals that are toxic as well as dangerous that can free load from plastic containers.

So why grass-fed ? 

Grass fed cows are given just that to eat, grass of course and that's how it should be. 

Cows that have been organically raised on pastures aren't provided with any antibiotics, growth hormones or any other substances that are toxic. They are less likely to be exposed to fertilizers, heavy metals, pesticides or other environmental toxins. 

Did you know that pure Indian foods ghee is the first ever grass-fed certified organic cultured ghee? 

I've heard about ghee but I didn't really know all that much about it before, here is what I learned.

Making Pure Indian Foods ghee is a special process that begins with their old age recipe and hard work, it all starts with the culturing or the cream before you churn it into butter and then you clarify it into ghee. 

The finished product is a fragrant ghee that offers a modest tart flavor which is that of naturally cultured foods since it's made from the milk of the cows that are in the pasture during the Spring and Fall that eat fresh grass that's growing constantly. 

So why is it cultured? 

It's been said by the ancient tradition of Ayurveda that cultured ghee is extremely vital for digestion which strengthens as well as promotes our powerful digestive fire. 

The fermentation process then provides flavor compounds which offers a rich buttery flavor.

With milk that is cultured and digested by living, healthy bacteria, natural make it much easier to absorb and digest. 

Ghee can be used in a number of recipes.

Here are some examples.

Pour over lobster, fish, scallops, or crab 
use it when cooking scrambled or fried eggs so they won't stick to the pan
Make omelettes 
Bake delicious breads, cakes or pies 

Being that I haven't tried ghee before and the fact that I love to cook I couldn't wait to try it in so many recipes.

Pure Indian foods provided me with their products for review and here is what I received. 


I made coconut bread and it came out oh so fabulous it was moist, flavorful and so delicious! I loved the taste from the ghee it gave the bread a really nice flavor that was so good unlike anything that I've ever had before. 

Coffee++ Paleo butter coffee creamer 

Let's face it there are many ways to enjoy a cup of joe such as in cappuccino form, macchiatos, Americanos even mocha in a high end coffee shop. Whether we add a little cream, sweeteners, a touch of spice to make everything nice or a little syrup for sweetness either way it's delicious, but have you ever thought of adding a little butter to your coffee? Trust me you'll love it! 

Move over cream and sugar butter is the new thing not only is it tasty it offers a creaminess that you can't get from real cream and makes it foamy and a special treat! 

So much so in fact that this craze has made cafes popular for giving their patrons a burst of energy.

When you wake in the morning what's the first thing you reach for to perk you up in the morning to get you going? For me it's coffee it's what I look forward to. With butter coffee you can get not just coffee but breakfast as well all in one mug. The healthy fats that you consume in the morning can keep you from food cravings for hours. 

A new study proves that fat is healthier for us than sugar is becoming more common with people that are health conscious. 

The butter coffee trend first started off as a fad diet in America but is growing at a rapid rate around the globe.

Numerous people can't handle products with dairy such as butter because of their sugar and protein contents or because simply they have allergies. Butter is made up of a whopping 80% fat the rest is milk solids which is protein and sugar and water. Ghee is then made when you simply melt the butter at a low temperature that way the fat and milk solids separate. Then the water dissipates causing the milk solids to filter out getting a rich pure butterfat with a golden color called ghee. 

Coffee++ is a one of a kind, aromatic mixture of grass fed, organic cultured ghee that contains a blend of medium chain triglyceride oil that gives you a boost of energy that's made with palm and coconut. It's made with no caffeine or coffee just ghee! 

How do you make butter coffee when using Coffee++ ? 

1) start off with a clean spoon, then stir the coffee++ ever so slightly in the jar before use
2) then add 1-2 tablespoons of coffee++ to an 8 ounce cup of piping hot coffee 
3) for a foamy, smooth look and taste you'll want to blend the Coffee++ with your hot coffee in a blender even a milk frother for a few seconds or until you see the color switch to a light golden brown caramel color.
4) then sweeten to your hearts content with a little milk, vanilla, dark chocolate or even a little sweetener ! 

So why grass fed? 

When it comes to cows most of them are fed either soy or corn because it's filling and cheap as well. Did you know that they aren't made to eat that? Truth is they can't digest it very well causing their milk to produce the kind of fats that we don't want our bodies to consume. Grass fed cows are made to eat grass. Cows that have been raised organically on pastures are not given antibiotics, or any growth hormones even toxic substances. They are less likely exposed to heavy metals, fertilizers, environmental toxins and pesticides. Cows that are grass fed offer the best milk as well as the ghee/butter that are made from those cows is even better! 

Why grass-fed ghee?

1)Grass fed ghee offers the perfect balance of omega-6 to omega-3 fats. 
Studies show that if the ratio of omega-6/omega-3 in our foods is more than 4:1 then most likely it isn't healthy for us. The ratio here is that of give or take 3:1 for grass fed animals over 20:1 for the grain fed animals. Grass is high in omega-3 whereas grains have a greater omega-6. When eating more grass fed ghee it then provides us with the right amount of balance of both omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

2) When there is more conjugated linoleic acid known as (CLA) the  pasture grazed cows have greater CLA in their milk than those of cows that are fed grain. Lab tests prove that grass fed ghee has a higher CLA than traditional butter. CLA is not only an essential fatty acid but an antioxidant as well that is becoming quite popular. 

3) grass fed ghee is lactose and casein free, consumption of ghee should be ok unless you are extremely sensitive, even when butter isn't. 

4) ghee doesn't offer any harmful transfats which are bad fats that people should steer clear from.

5) ghee is shelf stable even when the jar has been opened. It can be stored at room temperature for a total of 2-3 months so wherever you go whether on a camping trip,or on a hike you can savor your sweet creamy buttery coffee. 

Coffee++ Paleo Butter Coffee creamer: 
I don't know how many times I've heard about people putting butter in their coffee, at first I thought wait what butter in your coffee? To me it sounded strange that is until now. This bulletproof coffee is insanely creamy, buttery and so delicious that makes your regular creamer look like a loser! I added a smidgen of coffee++ into my mug of vanilla nut teecino with a dollop of coconut oil and tossed it into the blender and gave it a whirl, the color turned to a beautiful caramel color and as I poured it back into my mug it offered a frothy foam, I took a sip and I was in love it was creamy, it was sweet, it was buttery and insanely good! Makes me think why haven't I tried this concoction sooner! I loved the taste that it gave my coffee it offered a faint coconut aftertaste and it was the best cup of coffee I've had in a long time! 

What I loved about ghee was the fact that it didn't burn like butter and it offered a different taste and texture making baked goods even more delicious as well as making the best ever cup of coffee I've ever had it was rich, creamy, buttery, sweet and delicious with a coconut after taste! 







Pure Indian Foods provided me with samples free of charge in exchange for review, however all words and opinions expressed here are in fact my own. 


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