#CurelSkinCare VoxBox

Summer is over weather is getting cooler to be bundled up in all things Fall boots, hooded sweatshirt you name it.

Sure Fall is beautiful what with the leaves falling and all but what comes with the cooler weather is dry skin. 

My skin gets incredibly itchy as well as dry when the weather starts to change it's like my body knows it's coming and starts to get all dried out as if the moisture is being sucked out! 
I've tried all sorts of lotions, body washes to help alleviate the dry skin but none of them seem to work, until now that is! 

The Curel Skincare VoxBox from Influenster arrived just in time because Fall has arrived and so did the dry skin! 

I don't know which is worse having cracked dry skin on my hands or all over my body! 

Sure the hands are the worst because your constantly getting them wet between washing dishes, giving the kids a bath or even washing them! My hands get to cracked and dry that not only do they itch they burn as well from them being cracked which is no picnic at all. No matter what I do they are dry! 

Here's what was inside of the Curel VoxBox! 

Curel Itch Defense Body Wash:
 With Curel Itch Defense body wash you can wash away the itch before it starts thanks to powerful jojoba and olive oils. You'll notice relief from dry, itchy skin within four days, that's it! Curel itch defense body wash is soap free and gentle on skin. 

Curel Itch Defense instant soothing moisturizing spray: 
Curel Itch Defense instant soothing moisturizing spray does just that providing a calming cool sensation when applied to where you need it to repair moisture in skin. 

Curel Itch Defense soothes eczema prone skin
Contains no added fragrances/non irritating formula 
Proven to relieve dry skin (works too!)
Contains jojoba and olive oil 
Dermatologist recommended 
Allergist tested 
Soothes dry and itchy skin on contact 
Contains a cooling complex that soothes on contact  

Want even better results? 

Then lather up Curel itch defense body lotion and you'll be itch free! 

Now you can itch less this season with Curel ! 

I loved the fact that Curel  didn't irritate my skin it went on nice and sleek as opposed to other skincare products like lotion that leaves my skin oily. What I loved most of all was the fact that my dry skin wasn't as itchy and I noticed a difference in the appearance of the dry skin it was looking much better and I could feel it too! My skin felt relieved the moment I applied Curel, thank you so much Influenster ! 

I received complimentary Curel Skincare products from Influenster for testing purposes only, however all opinions expressed here are my own.




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