Play All Day Elmo crowdtap sampling !

Bring laughter into your home with Play All Day Elmo! 

As a kid I loved to play whether it was outside jumping in the pile of leaves that my mom had just raked, board games, video games, or with my Barbie dolls I was always playing! 

Children's imaginations are constantly growing

With Play all day Elmo your little one can do just he comes with activities, over eight games to choose from and he talks too with over 150 different responses! 

Your little one will be tired out from a day of play with Elmo good thing he's cuddly making him the perfect toy to cuddle up with for nap time. 

I was selected through crowdtap for the play all day Elmo toy and with Play all day Elmo he has two different modes of play toddler and preschool age.

Here are the different ways that your little one can play with Elmo 

You can move, play and touch Elmo in toddler mode and the sensors aid in responding in amusing ways! 

Toddler mode:
Squeeze Elmo's nose 
Kiss Elmo's face
Turn Elmo upside down
Hold Elmo's hand for five seconds
Jump while holding Elmo
Toss Elmo in the air
Touch Elmo's hand to his tummy
Touch Elmo's hand to his face
Clap Elmo's hands together 

Preschool age:
Preschool mode Elmo plays a total of eight games and activities where is toddler mode responses are active.

To begin an activity squeeze Elmo's nose, he will then say the name of the activity or game with every squeeze then stop squeezing when you hear him say what you would love to play! 

1)Freeze dance
2)Elmo says
3)Guess the color
4)Animal sounds 
5)What's up in the sky
7)Red light green light 
8)hop and count 

When playing with Elmo he will offer games and activities during playtime. 

Lay Elmo flat on his back in order to play "what's up in the sky"

Swing Elmo by an arm to play "animal sounds"

Clap Elmo's hands together and he'll play pat-a-cake

Hop 4 times to play hop and count with Elmo 

The playskool brand provided me with play all day Elmo in exchange for review, however all opinions expressed here are my own. 



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