Arnott's TimTam Bzzagent campaign

It all began in a tiny bakery on Hunter Street in New Castle, NSW north of Sydney. The bakery offered everything from delicious baked breads, biscuits and pies where they sold them not only to the locals but the crew members that were stationed at the port to load coal. 

Little did they know that when they set up shop that their biscuits would become Australia's favorite biscuits of all time! 

For the past 150 years millions of Australians have grown up with Arnott's and for them it's more than just a food company it's a national icon as well as a part of Australian history.

Arnott's doesn't just produce biscuits they own many brands from IcedVovo, TimTam, Shapes, Tiny Teddy, Salada, SAO, and Vita Weat. 

Did you know that Arnott's is one of the largest food companies that's located in the Asia pacific region? What began as an Australian favorite treat is now sold throughout the world!  

If you like all things chocolate your going to love these! 

TimTams are crunchy cookie biscuits layered with a velvety smooth chocolate filling that are covered in what else, more chocolate! 

I'm on the Arnott's Timtams Bzzagent campaign and since I love all things chocolate I couldn't wait to try them, I've seen them before at Target but have never tasted them.  

I was sent Timtams originals which is a shortbread cookie with a luscious milk chocolate filled center smothered in chocolate! 

Trust me I get it if you don't want to share! The crisp of the cookie, the luscious chocolate on the outside the creamy chocolate filling on the inside, so sweet and oh so delicious! 

They are too good to pass up! 
You can find timtams in these yummy flavors

Classic dark
Double coat 
Chewy caramel 

I loved the crunchy cookie texture with the creamy chocolate filling it was sensational, so sweet and delicious! It's the perfect snack to enjoy with a glass of milk or even coffee! 

Look for TimTam in stores today nearest you! 

Arnott's TimTam brand provided me with samples in exchange for review,however all opinions expressed are my own. 






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