Emmy's Organics review !

It all began in 2009 when Ian set up shop in his mothers kitchen with his girlfriend Samantha in Ithaca New York. 

When Ian was young he had to make some lifestyle changes due to digestive problems so he began to cut out dairy, gluten and other intolerances as well.

He then began working vegan as well as raw foods in numerous restaurant and cafes. 

When he met Samantha they both knew that they shared a love for health and wellness.

Growing up Samantha was a dancer and health nut. 

One evening Ian showed Samantha a macaroon recipe that was out of this world amazing that he had came up with years before. 

They noticed how easy the macaroons were to make with using simple ingredients and Emmy's was born! 

Ian and Samantha began selling their macaroons at Ithaca farmers market and green star co-op.

People were buzzing about their delicious macaroons so much so that more people started buying them. 

It took an adventure to NYC and regional shops welcomed retailers on deck. 

I love me a good macaroon! 

Especially ones that are made with simple raw ingredients, it is not only healthy but satisfies my sweet tooth at the same time which makes me one happy lady! 

What's not to love about macaroons?

they are sweet, they are nutty, and filled with coconut! Can you say coco-nutty ?! 

Emmy's snacks are made with the finest of certified organic ingredients.

Emmy's are free of dairy, gluten, peanuts and soy. They are also non GMO and vegan.

Emmy's macaroons and chocolate sauce are paleo friendly, hm I bet they would taste even more delicious if paired togetheršŸ˜‹. Ok I guess you can call me a bad girl, what can I say I'm human! 

Emmy's Organics provided me with samples for review and here are the flavors I received! 

Coconut Vanilla:
Sweet and nutty coconut with the essence of vanilla in one tasty bite makes for one delicious treat! I loved that you could really taste the vanilla in this delightful little treat it balanced out the coconut really well.

Dark Cacao:

Holy mounds this is good! I loved the intense yet creaminess from the cacao and the sweet nuttiness from the coconut it paired perfectly together ! 

Sweet and nutty Macaroon flavors:

Lemon Ginger
Coconut vanilla
Chai spice
Chocolate chili 
Chocolate chip
Chocolate orange 
Mint chip 
Dark cacao 

Emmy's Organics doesn't just make delicious macaroons they also carry cereal and chocolate sauce ! 

Super cereal:

Blueberry cashew 
Apricot vanilla
Cacao coconut 
Sweet buckwheat 

The Emmy's Organics brand provided me with samples in exchange for review, however all opinions expressed here are my own. 







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