Wild Zora meat and veggie bars review

Ever eat jerky and it feels like your chewing on rubber? 

Some jerky can be too salty, too hard to chew and made with nitrites, additives as well as added sugar.

It all began in 2011 when founder of Wild Zora company Zora and her family became interested in learning about gluten free, primal food and Paleo since they became wary of the snacks out on the market that were full of sugar as well as filled with grains.

They wanted a snack that was made with simple ingredients, healthy and delicious. 

Jerky snacks provided them with false hope being filled with nitrites, added sugars, msg and nitrates that were tough to chew and way too salty. 

When hunger approaches we want something that will provide us with lasting energy as well as nutritious and nothing in stores provided them with that.

Then in 2013 in the comfort of their own home they came up with their own. They always thought of vegetables and meat to be a complete meal so they began to dehydrate 100% grass fed beef from their local rancher and mix vegetables from their garden together creating a delicious meat and veggie snack the whole family could enjoy and then word got out how tasty these bars were when their kids brought them to school and shared them with friends and that's when Wild Zora meat and veggie bars was born! 

Zora founder of the Wild Zora meat and veggie bars company believes in 
snacks should not only be healthy but taste great as well.

 Wild Zora's meat and veggie bars provide a full serving of certified organic veggies without any gluten, nothing artificial, grains, nuts, peanuts, soy, tree nuts, rBST or cheese except their cheese recipe. Contains no msg, no added sweeteners or sugars and no chemical additives. 

They also provide a nightshade free recipe for anyone that has a pepper/tomato allergy or on an autoimmune protocol. 

Wild Zora's bars are made with meat that's raised the natural way without any added hormones or antibiotics like their turkey and veggie bars are made with free range turkey, beef and veggie bars are made with 100% grass fed beef and their lamb and veggie is made with 100% lamb. 

I came across Wildzora online and was interested in trying their bars being that they are packed with protein, Zora herself sent me some bars of hers to review and here are the flavors I was sent ! 

Beef and veggie flavors:

Chili cayenne apricot-
I'm not usually a fan of spicy foods but this bar was delicious it offered a smoky flavor with a hint of sweetness from the apricot which I really liked. 

Parmesan tomato basil-
This bar was insanely delicious to me it tasted like lasagna with the bubbly cheese, sauce, meat, layered beautifully with basil. It was moist, flavorful, seasoned perfectly and made a great snack. 

BBQ hickory tomato-

Seasoned perfectly with the right amount of spices with just a touch of sweetness.

Turkey and veggie flavors:

Turkey masala spinach-

This bar was moist, a little spicy with flecks of spinach throughout each bite and so delicious ! 

Lamb and veggie flavors:

Lamb rosemary spinach-
I loved the flavor of this bar the meat was tender and seasoned to perfection with rosemary and spinach. Made for a great snack after working out in the gym! 

What I loved about these bars was the fact that they weren't sweetened with processed sweeteners such as agave, stevia, sugar, or any rice syrups.

Each bar offered it's own unique flavor profile from sweet, to savory offering the right amount of spice to them. 

I loved the fact that these bars were made with real simple ingredients, they were healthy and packed with protein which made for a great snack after a workout at the gym! 
What I also liked about these bars was that they weren't tough to chew like others are, they were free of soy and weren't salty they were flavorful and delicious! 

Some call me crazy that I like to eat different things but that's just me I'm not afraid to try anything because you never know what your going to like.

The Wild Zora brand provided me with samples in exchange for review, however all opinions are in fact my own. 







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