Johnsonville fully cooked Breakfast Sausage Crowdtap Sampling !

Breakfast just got easier thanks to the all new fully cooked breakfast sausage from Johnsonville ! 

Sometimes mornings can be well, chaotic and you need a quick grab and go breakfast. 

You will have breakfast ready in no time at all. 

Johnsonville fully cooked breakfast sausages are already cooked so if your pressed for time all you need to do is toss them into the microwave for 30-45 seconds and your good to go! 

For the days you have more time on your hands heat a skillet, toss the sausage on a non stick skillet, then cover the skillet and heat for about 8-10 minutes over medium heat until heated through and occasionally give it a flip so they don't burn. 
I don't know about you but I love breakfast anytime of the day, no seriously! Whether it's in the morning, at lunch or even for dinner breakfast is the best! 

What makes a good breakfast is the meat of course and sausage is perfect especially when complete with eggs, and home-fries ! 

I grew up on sausage as a kid I loved it and had it practically every morning for breakfast before off to school along with eggs and cheese on a bagel! I loved when you would bite into the warm and crispy bagel you would get the juiciness from the sausage along with the fluffy egg and how could I forget that sharp cheddar taste from the cheese it was to die for! 

I was selected on crowdtap to sample Johnsonville's fully cooked breakfast sausage and being that I'm a huge fan of their products I couldn't wait to try their turkey sausage which is what I picked up at my local Shaw's supermarket ! 

Turkey Sausage:

I love turkey sausage I think it's more healthier than the other kind, it's also juicy, flavorful and makes the perfect side dish to your breakfast whether in an omelet, breakfast sandwich complete with eggs a little cheese, with buttery pancakes or even with oatmeal! 

If your not a lover of turkey sausage that's ok because Johnsonville Fully Cooked breakfast sausage are also available in original recipe and Vermont maple syrup ! 

I loved trying Johnsonville fully cooked turkey sausage it was juicy, flavorful and I will be trying the other flavors ! 

These sausages have breakfast written all over it, pick some up today at the store nearest you! 

I’m a member of the Crowdtap Johnsonville rewards program, and Johnsonville sent me a sample of its Johnsonville Fully cooked breakfast sausage to review, however all opinions expressed here are in fact my own. 







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