Raw Food Central product review !

Raw Food Central has a passion for leading a healthy lifestyle and isn't afraid to prove it they strongly believe in living their lives the healthy way which is consuming raw vegan foods and pure vegetable juices and no dairy or animal products.

Living a healthy lifestyle isn't only the food choices that you make but getting the right amount of sleep, exercise, sun, and fresh air.

Throughout their own findings and experience they've discovered that a raw food diet and lifestyle is the best way to eat as well as live.

It's been proven that living a raw foods lifestyle has lead to diseases disappearing and the studies have stated that it was true.

When being in a diseased state it's not good on the human body, we have to work hard at becoming sick, big and diseased but when you eliminate unhealthy foods from your daily life health is the answer.

I truly believe that in fact it's true I wasn't always thin in fact I was quite the opposite as a child I ate whatever I wanted, I was overweight and it continued until I was mid twenties when I decided I needed to change my life around . I started off by eliminating unhealthy foods from my lifestyle, joined a gym, started walking a lot more and most importantly drank lots of water. I had to work hard at becoming obese when I was younger but even harder to get me to where I am today. It wasn't easy but it was worth it. 

We've all done it before when we get hungry and reach for something that we know isn't healthy.

Even I've been there so when I know I'm going to be on the go I pack something to nibble on whether it be a protein bar, fresh fruit, homemade trail mix or crackers to nosh on.

I don't know about you but when I make healthy eating choices it doesn't make me feel good my body feels it as well I feel less tired and have more energy.

I've made some unhealthy choices I'll admit from time to time but hey I'm human just like you and crave something a little salty or sweet once in awhile. 

Due to my recent health discovery I've decided to eliminate foods from my diet yet again such as grains, dairy etc. after all what's more important the foods that I once loved or my health? 

I came across Raw Food Central online and instantly became intrigued when I saw what their snacks had to offer. I mean just the fact alone that they aren't baked or fried like other chips as well as healthy and raw for me is a win win! 

Curt himself provided me with samples of his snacks to try out for review 
and here is what I received! 

Curt's Classic Kale Chips:
Curt's Kale chips are made with cashews, raisins, onion, sunflower seeds, garlic, nutritional yeast, Celtic sea salt, lemon or raw apple cider vinegar and of course kale! There was a time when I thought kale was the weirdest looking thing I've ever seen especially in chip form but since then I've grown 
to love it whether it's in a salad, soup or chips I love it from the taste to the 
crunch it makes when you bite into them and the unique flavors! They make a great potato chip substitute because they are a vegetable and not fried like potato chips! I made tuna fish tossed with a little diced tomato, black pepper, and celery for lunch with a drizzle of ranch dressing, kale chips and an apple for lunch it was quite tasty! 

Curt's Classic Onion Rings:

Made with onions, cashews, sunflower seeds, raisins, lemon, nutritional yeast and Celtic sea salt.
My all time favorite side with pizza or a burger was onion rings! The way that they crunched when you took a bite and oh the sweetness from the onion so good but not the healthiest choice with all that grease from them being fried. When I bit into a Curt's Classic Onion ring I was reminded of my all time favorite it was crunchy, it was sweet tasted just like the real thing only without the extra fat and grease! 

Curt's Classic Flax Crackers:

Made with Italian seasonings, Celtic sea salt, onion and flax.
These Flax Crackers go along perfectly with just about anything from guacamole, salsa, dip, hummus or even a creamy savory cheese like this wonderful almond based chive cream cheese I spread on the crackers for a delicious lunch topped with cherry tomatoes! 

Curt's Classic Snack Mix:

This mix right here is a mix of garden goodness in each bite it offers a unique blend of corn, peas, kale, cashews, onion, raisins, sunflower seeds, garlic, nutritional yeast, lemon or raw Apple cider vinegar with Celtic sea salt. It's like a garden in a bag! Fall is here the air is crisp making it perfect for hearty meals to warm you up on a chilly night. Nothing says comfort like a piping hot bowl of soup. I made some chicken soup and tossed in Curt's Classic snack mix. It gave the chicken broth a great flavor with the sweetness of corn, peas, and kale with celery, carrots, chicken making it the perfect soup on a crisp fall night! 

I really liked trying out these snacks they were unique, crispy, healthy 
and delicious !

Raw Food Central provided me with samples in exchange for review, however all opinions expressed here are in fact my own. 





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