Homemade zucchini lasagna with Kite-Hill ricotta cheese

Kite-Hill started off with a dream for plant based food that would have all of the features that we rapture in the prime artisan dairy cheeses.

Kite-Hill products are for all food lovers from living a plant based diet or  seeking a more healthier lifestyle.

Kite-Hill offers more than just their artisanal almond milk products after all they are known for their 
impeccable taste being a dairy free product. Their products are made with real simple ingredients 
from an array of nut milk yogurts, cream cheese style spreads, entrees, artisanal delicacies and desserts. 
With the crisp Fall weather here I've been not only in the mood to cook wholesome meals but have been craving lasagna lately and being that I've recently made changes within my diet it's been hard to say the least but  with a little research on Pinterest it hit me why not make lasagna with zucchini instead of lasagna noodles.

So as I was walking around WholeFoods I wandered into the cheese aisle and came across Kite-Hill cheeses they are a company that is not only plant based but their products are made with simple ingredients.

I picked up their ricotta cheese to use for the lasagna that I wanted to whip up at home for dinner.

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees 

Start by pouring your favorite spaghetti sauce into the bottom of your casserole dish and spread it out evenly

Now you can add meat to this recipe if you'd like such as hamburg, sausage or pepperoni to taste but you don't have to it's flavorful and delicious as is 
with the sauce and bubbly creamy ricotta cheese! 

Then layer the zucchini on the bottom layer of sauce 

Season with a little bit of salt or pepper or even pepper flakes whichever you prefer

Add some onion to give it a little sweetness I used red onion

You could even add mushrooms, tomatoes or whatever you like.

You could use just about any cheese in this recipe from  mozzarella to parmesan even ricotta the possibilities are endless, or should i say cheesy! 

Then add more layers of sauce, zucchini, onion and cheese until its all layered perfectly into your casserole dish. 

Then pop it into the oven on 375 for 30 minutes 

I'm pretty sure just about any cheese would work even the nondairy types either way it's still flavorful and delicious !

I used a non dairy plant based ricotta cheese by Kite-Hill which you can find at your local WholeFoods and it came out perfectly it was rich, creamy, flavorful and tastes just like the real thing only better! 

This recipe right here was so good that I couldn't even tell that it was noodle free! 






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