Choccreate candy Review

Now I've done reviews for scrumptious candy bars before in the past and let me tell you I love chocolate!

The cool thing about this company I will be reviewing today is just awesome because the cool thing is that you get to design your own candy bar!

You start with milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate and get to add all kinds of delicious ingredients on them such as nuts, candies, fruit even cereal!

I know right pretty cool!

You can also order their best sellers too!

I couldn't wait for them to arrive to bite into them and see how they tasted! Just being on Choccreate website made me want to lick the screen!

Lol but don't worry, I didn't.

I chose:

Dark chocolate bar with: 

almonds, blueberries, caramel and granola it was so delicious!

Now I haven't tried the other two bars yet but I just know that they will be just as delicious as the first one I've tried!

Milk chocolate bar with:

M&ms, rice crispies and marshmallows 

White chocolate bar:
This one looks to pretty to eat!
Reminds me of valentines day too!
It has crunchy cringles, mini marshmallows, pink m&m's and teddy Graham's!


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