Jimmy's Sticky Jerky Review!

Jimmy's sticky jerky  sent me their protein packed jerky for review and I couldn't wait to bite into them! 

The flavors I was sent are:

I'm not really into spicy foods, this jerky packs heat but offers great smoky flavor to it.

Black Pepper:
A hint of sweetness from the molasses and not too much black pepper where it's overpowering. I have to admit it was delicious.

Turkey jerky with amazing sweet flavor I loved it!
Right amount of spices with just a touch of sweetness from soy sauce made it melt in your mouth and not tough to chew at all like some jerky can be.

Sticky facts:
High protein 
Low carb 
Full of flavor
Tender and moist 
Farm fresh ingredients 
Low sodium 
No preservatives 
No additives 



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