Puffs Fresh Faces Review!

I was super psyched when I saw this box waiting on my doorstep, especially when I saw the name puffs right on the box.

I had no idea what it was but just knew it had to be good!

So I carefully opened the box and I noticed the prettiest box tied with a blue bow on it so I unwrapped it and it offered tons of puffs goodies inside!

So heres what was inside the box:
Travel compact mirror
Water bottle
Puffs tote bag
Nose and face wipes (adult version of boogie wipes)

I can't wait to use the water bottle when I go to the gym and do my workouts!

The nose and face wipes will come in handy for removing makeup, cleaning the face and giving it a fresh clean feeling with a gentle scent of citrus, lavender, or fresh scent!
Also in Vicks for those horrible colds we sometimes get during the winter!

The pedometer will come in handy for tracking how many steps I take throughout the day!

The compact mirror is small enough to pack in my purse which is great for applying lip gloss!



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