Nature's Gate Review!

I couldn't wait to try out these products that I've received from Nature's Gate for review!

Some times all you need is to pamper yourself after a long day.

These all natural products are fantastic for that and sure do make you feel less stressed and radiant!

I've heard of their products before and was just dying to try them out!

Natural toothpaste cool mint gel :

Cool and refreshing mint flavor making my teeth shine and kissably clean!

Papaya moisturizing lotion:

Nice gentle fruity scent that doesn't leave my skin oily at all like some lotions do. Works great after a nice hot shower to put the moisture right back into your skin!

Chamomile and lemon verbena deodorant: 

In order for me to trust a deodorant brand it has to be able to last during my workouts plus all day, I have tried it on tonight since I received the review package earlier and so far so good!
I do have to say though smells really good and went on smoothly too.

Lemon verbena face cleansing gel and moisturizer:

What I love about the cleansing gel was that it smells good and doesn't have a tight dragging feeling upon applying it, for the moisturizer I love how it's not oily and it doesn't make my face feel like it's on fire where some moisturizers can do that.





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