Natasha's health nut cookies review

With the holidays approaching it can be tough to stay away from sweets especially if you want something sweet.

I'm bringing you a delicious review today that's sweet and healthy!

These cookies are scrumptious and I'll tell you what makes them so superb! 

I was sent Natasha's Health Nut Cookies for review and couldn't wait to try them out because they are health cookies!

All natural
Gluten free
Diabetic safe
Low glycemic
Celiac diets

I was sent these 3 flavors:

Raisin amaretto:

I loved that they are soft and chewy and not crunchy. Loved the juicy plump raisins and sweet amaretto taste. Worked well crumbled on top of some pumpkin ice cream.

Cranberry orange:

Haven't tried this flavor but I sure do love cranberry orange muffins and breads so I'm sure I'll love this!

Vanilla chocolate chip:
Can't wait to try this one I'm sure it will go great with milk or ice cream!





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