P28 High Protein Peanut Butter Review!

P28 Foods peanut butters are high in protein and best of all they are all natural and not to mention so flavorful and delicious! 

I was excited and couldn't wait to try their products out for review, however was a bit disappointed when I received small jars of peanut butters.

Their other products such as bagels, breads and flatbread sound delicious as well and would have been great to try the peanut butter with them.

I look for snacks that are high in protein to get me through my workouts and to keep me feeling full especially at breakfast.

I was feeling a bit creative when I came along a recipe on the popular new site Pinterest and thought to myself I love all of those ingredients and should make myself one since I had all of the ingredients at hand, except for honey.

Peanut butter banana smoothie:

This is the recipe I found on Pinterest here:
So I gathered and measured the ingredients and spooned out the p28 peanut butter and watched as the blender whirred away just waiting in anticipation. 

Banana raisin:

Not an overpowering banana flavor in the peanut butter which is great, worked perfectly on a cinnamon raisin bagel as shown in the image above. It offered great flavor and wasn't too sweet which I loved!

It would of also went great with a banana or as a topping on a muffin or bread!
I couldn't wait to try it!

Here's my photo below:

Wow was this a great breakfast to have or what!? Who would have thought that peanut butter in a smoothie could taste so good!?

It was creamy, nutty, sweet and delicious! 

Best of all it filled me up and works as a fantastic snack after an intense workout.

Almond butter smoothie:
Tasted great and worked as a fantastic Sunday morning breakfast !





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