P28 High Protein Foods Review

I was sent some high protein breads for review from P28 foods and couldn't wait to just bite into them to see how they differ from other breads that we all know and have tried.

High protein bread:

I have to admit I loved this bread it was full of flavor and delicious all natural ingredients that keep you fuller longer.

I used it as a snack with strawberry jam spread on it but you could use it as a sandwich or whatever your heart desires.

What I loved was that it wasn't too dry like other breads I've tried and it's quite filling!

High protein bagel:

I loved how this bagel wasn't too hard or to chewy it was just right and toasted perfectly in the toaster and worked great for a delicious breakfast with eggs,cheese, onions and pepper scrambled on top!

High protein flat bread:

Great flavor and goes along great with eggs! 

Flatbread pizza:

I hardly ever eat pizza and so wanted to have it on this delicious flat bread so I got out some cheese, pepper, garlic salt and sauce and went to work on the flatbread for this delicious mouth watering protein packed dinner!

Great flavor and didn't need any salad or anything to go with it.

It was very flavorful and and toasted up perfectly in the oven giving it a light crunch to it.

You can use flatbreads for pizza, a sandwich wrap or if you really want to get all creative whip up a delicious dessert pizza with chocolate sauce, strawberries and voila!

All natural 
High in protein
Good source of fiber


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