Two Fold Foods Review!

Lately I've been on a smoothie kick and have been blending up my own at home which is more healthier.

I add all kinds of toppings on top whether it's a Graham cracker or granola!

There's something about granola that I love it goes great on anything!

Two Fold foods sent me samples of their scrumptious granolas and savory nuts for a review !

What I love about their products is that they don't have any names in them that are hard to pronounce like some on the labels of our favorite foods.

They make their granola in small batches with the finest ingredients such as:

Black pepper
And so on

Classic granola:

I thought that this was just a plain old boring granola until I tasted coconut! With the delicious sweet taste of cinnamon and vanilla along with the nuttiness of the nuts the coconut flakes really kick it up a notch adding flavor! Worked perfectly on my breakfast consisting of a banana cheesecake smoothie! A little crunch was just what I needed on top!

Savory nuts:

Great tasting and works well on a salad, on some ice cream, or  in a smoothie !

Quinoa granola:

Now this is superfood right here! Packed with walnuts, cashews and pecans with a dusting of unsweetened coconut! Amazingly good in yogurt! 






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