Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Review!

When it comes to skin care products I look for one that does the job by keeping my skin clean and doesn't also dry out which is a huge factor.

I was sent their hydra vegetal skin care products for review and couldn't wait to try them to see how they are different from other brands.

I have found the best skin care products ever and I owe it all to Yves Rocher not only do they keep my face from drying out it leaves it feeling soft and it gives me a well rested feeling .

Hydrating micellar water face and eyes:
Swab liquid onto cotton ball and dab on face removing makeup and leaves a fresh clean feeling!

Moisture boost concentrate:
Squeeze lotion onto fingertips and apply on face making your face feel smoother than ever!

Hydrating day cream:
Put oh each morning for perfectly smooth skin for lasting hydration 

Fresh gel under eye bags:

Great to use on puffy tired looking eyes 




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