Tru Whip Review

Ever think something is missing when you have some ice cream or smoothie, especially to add a little more sweetness to it!

What's better on top of ice cream than a dollop of  Tru Whip !?

What is it!?

An all natural whipped topping for:


I was sent some coupons for review and couldn't wait to try it!

Banana cheesecake smoothie:

Wow I made a new recipe I came across on Pinterest and it tasted just like cheesecake!

Any who I topped it off with a dollop of tru whip and a graham cracker! 

It was heaven !

Peanut butter banana Smoothie:

I put some on top of a smoothie and wow was it delicious!

It was sweet and it didn't taste oily like other whipped toppings do which is great!



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