Goldbaum's Foods Review!

Whether your eating healthy or living a gluten free lifestyle then these flavorful foods from Goldbaum's are just what you need!

I came across their website and just had to try their products!

I was sent some of their delicious foods for review and was just waiting in anticipation of all the recipes to make with them!

Ice cream cones:


perfect size for dessert with some of your favorite ice cream

Sugar cones: 
perfect for any kind of ice cream. Reminds me of the clown hats used for my favorite treat as a kid clown sundae! 

Brown rice pasta:

I love pasta dishes and this one right here makes a delicious and satisfying fulfilling meal whether it's Mac and cheese, macaroni and meatballs or in soups this brown rice pasta is so good and healthy as well! 

I've been dying to try this recipe I found on Pinterest and it's macaroni and cheese made with Greek yogurt!

Very creamy and super delicious!

The recipe called for spinach but I substituted for broccoli instead since I didn't have the spinach handy.

While cooking I just had to test it out and it was amazingly delicious, who would have thought with gluten free elbow noodles and yogurt that this would make a great meal!


For dinner tonight was eggplant Parmesan with gluten free spaghetti and a delicious salad! 

Loved the way the spaghetti tasted it was so good and didn't taste any different than other brands I've tried!

Chow mien noodles:

Don't you just love those crunchy Chinese noodles that are in dishes such as stir fry, or even on mandarin salads to give them a boost of flavor?!
I absolutely love them they go well on so many dishes.

About the products:

Low fat
Gluten free
Cholesterol free
Egg free
Wheat free
And easy to digest 






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