Coffee cake Connection Review

Buttermilk coffee cakes baked to perfection for your enjoyment made by Coffee cake connection .

I have tried coffee cakes before and loved them especially when I would pack them in my lunch as a treat when I was a little girl!

Just waiting in anticipation for lunchtime to come around to unwrap the coffeecake and take the first bite.

Not sure if it had to do with the cinnamon crumbled on top of the cake that made me love them as a kid.

Over the years they've perfected the coffee cake by adding other ingredients such as luscious berries and  chocolate.

How awesome is that!?

When I came across Coffee Cakes Connections site online and saw the different varieties of coffee cakes they offered I just had to review them!

I couldn't wait to try them because I've only tried the plain old coffee cake many years ago and especially when I heard they had ones with chocolate in them! 

Serving suggestions:
Pop the coffee cake in the oven for a bit giving you the fresh out of the oven experience!
Remove the plastic wrap place it 170-180 degrees for 15-20 minutes

You can also microwave 5-10 seconds  

Caramel apple swirl and cinnamon crumble:

I loved the sweet taste of cinnamon and the juicy apple pieces along with caramel!

They were very good for a delicious snack!

Lemon orange poppyseed:
Mom and I shared this delightful coffee cake for breakfast this morning along with some yogurt and topped with blueberries. Popped it in the oven for a bit to bring out the butter flavor and boy was it delicious!?

Great orange essence along with the zing of lemon with poppy seeds and can't forget the crumbly topping!

I absolutely loved it!

It wasn't too crumbly like a muffin and goes along perfectly with some yogurt!

Gluten free double chocolate:

Loved how you could cut right into it without it crumbling. Sweet and delicious chocolate chips through this wonderful chocolate cake treat! Would go along great with a glass of milk or coffee!


  1. Wow!!! It seems very tasty and delicious. I will try it.

    Kopi Luwak


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