Bakemmm bagels review!

Founder of Bakemmm bagels Janet Dob helped her grandmother in the kitchen as a child whipping up all kinds of artisanal breads.

She saw it all and learned quickly how to knead, punch and form the dough before it was handed off into the oven to be baked to perfection.

She loved baking so much so that in 1994 in her own bake shop she came up with a bagel recipe that could be baked at your own home in the oven without the mess of dough and flour tossed all over the place! From there bakemmm bagels was born! 
Word got out about her delicious bagels and  Bakemmm bagels expanded and was soon on shelves for
you to enjoy at home!

You can pop them into your toaster oven or into the oven at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown! They are tender and so delicious no matter which way you cook them I've tried them both ways and loved them!  

Bakemmm bagels are:

All natural and organic 
Stays fresher longer
Free of GMOs 
No cholesterol 
No saturated fat 
Crispy crust with a soft center 

I absolutely love bagels from using them as a sandwich to spreading cream cheese or peanut butter on them!

I was sent Bakemmm Bagels for review and couldn't wait to sink my teeth into them! Here are the yummy flavors I was sent!

Big city original:

For those of you who enjoy eating plain bagels this bagel was made for you! You can top it off with whatever your heart desires from cream cheese to peanut butter even a ham egg and cheese sandwich for a delightful breakfast to start your morning! 
Cinnamon raisin:

Cinnamon raisin bagels are my favorite they are a bit sweet and go along great with some butter or even peanut butter slathered on to make the perfect snack or breakfast! For my breakfast one morning I toasted the bagel then topped it off with some honey, a half of a organic banana and some cinnamon raisin swirl peanut butter! It was just what I needed to start my morning off right, I call it the Elvis! 

Buena vista:

Im not much of a spicy food person but this bagel was made with the right amount of heat baked right in! When I saw this bagel what came to my mind was an egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast with some organic peppers and I kicked it up a notch by adding a spoonful of salsa! The spices from the bagel along with the salsa and the cheese which was Rumiano pepper jack blended well together and wasn't too spicy ! 

Roasted garlic:

If you enjoy biting into buttery garlic bread let me tell you, you'll fall in love with this bagel at first bite! I couldn't believe the taste of this bagel it was phenomenal! It was soft and the garlic taste wasn't overpowering at all it was just purely amazing and made the perfect sandwich with some turkey, veggies and a bit of cheese! 

Harvest country ginger in the pumpkin patch:

This bagel was a bit different I've never tried anything quite like it before in my life! Think of a pumpkin muffin with a zing of ginger baked right into it! So good and went along great with a smear of PB2 ! 

Olive rosemary:

I love olives but have never tried them in bagel form before so I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into this bagel with pungent rosemary ! This bagel was outstanding it wasn't too overpowering like rosemary can be in some foods I've tried! I cooked up a turkey burger for dinner and then topped it off with some organic avocado and spinach with some pepper jack cheese and a smidgen of organic mustard and it was wonderful all the flavors married together well!

Heartland whole wheat:

One of my favorite foods as a kid was bagel pizzas like the bagel bites! They were so cheesy and delicious so when I got these bagels for review an idea came to mind, pizza bagels topped with sauce, cheese and peppers! The bagel was baked to perfection in the oven with the works! The cheese was bubbly giving it a kick to it with the pepper jack cheese with a bit of crumbled feta with the colorful peppers right on top! It was the perfect meal! 

Cranberry apple Licious:

What came to my mind when I saw these delicious looking bagels was a thanksgiving sandwich with the works minus the stuffing! I topped it off with some roasted chicken, some organic spinach and cranberry sauce it was so good along with the tangy sweetness of the bagel! 

These bagels are outstanding and are seriously the best I've ever tried, you will not be disappointed!




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