Real Foods Corn Thins Review!

It all began in 1980 in Sydney Australia with founder of Real foods corn thins Michael Pels.

Real Foods is in charge of distribution, marketing and production of their popped grain snacks. 

Their also sold in Australia, United States and other countries around the world!

Their corn snacks are made from popped corn which in fact are made with all natural ingredients.

Their mission is to provide people from around the world with a healthy snack that tastes great!

I love rice cakes so when I came across these in my local food store I just had to try them out!

I then looked them up online and my mouth began to water due to all the yummy flavors they make!

I was sent a box of their corn thins for review to try out myself and couldn't wait to try all the flavors!

Here are some facts below:

Made with:

No artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives

All natural
High in fibre 
No added sugar

Here are the flavors I was sent for review! 

Sesame corn thins:

I couldn't wait to try out this corn thin because I love food with sesame seeds in them whether it's a bagel,crackers or corn thins! So after I worked out in the gym for awhile I came home and made a nutritious snack of a corn thin with some 

Cinnamon raisin swirl peanut butter and it was amazingly delicious and was just what I needed for a snack! I loved how the corn thin was not big like other corn snacks and also that they didn't taste like cardboard. 

Flax and soy:

This flax and soy Delicious corn thin made  a great snack with some organic cream cheese spread on top with frozen organic blueberries and a drizzle of honey! 

Sour cream and chive:

Sour cream and chive is my favorite chip flavor, which isn't healthy but with these corn thins I feel good about eating them! Bursting with sour cream and chive flavor! You can spread on some of your favorite cream cheese for a delightful snack or even lunch! 


I went to the store bought some cottage cheese and thought that the original corn thin would be great with it so I spread some cottage cheese on the thins and them sprinkled some ground cinnamon and topped it off with some plump juicy organic raisins and it was delicious! 

Tasty cheese:

Bursting with cheesy goodness! I love how the cheese isn't too powdery as some cheeses are on rice cakes and such giving it am artificial taste to them. These were amazing and was the perfect snack to get me through the day! 


Great for anything from cheese to peanut butter even jam! 

They also have a honey soy flavor!

Check them out on their website and see where you can buy them !





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