Boxed Water Is Better Review!

Boxed water is better was born April 2008, then launched to the public on March 13th, 2009 at grand central market in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Don't you wish that there was a bottle of water that's environment friendly?

Look no further Boxed water from Boxed water is better has you covered!

Your probably thinking what's boxed water?

Boxed water is well water that comes in a box, think of it as a juice box but with water!

When it comes to working out at the gym, going for a walk or packing up to go to the beach what's your drink of choice to bring with you?

I don't know about you but mine is water because not only does it rehydrate me after an intense workout it also is refreshing.

Seriously though have you ever thought about how much plastic water bottles we toss in the trash each day?

How many of us actually refill the bottle after we use it the first time?

Once you refill the water bottle it tastes disgusting and has a plastic like taste to it.

How many of us actually recycle them?

Here are some fun facts about their water.

Boxed water is better works with reforestation, water relief and environmental protection projects to promote a positive impact upon environmental and humanitarian efforts.

Their boxes are recyclable and they can be flattened to it's original state which takes up less space.

Their boxes are shipped flat to their filler which is way more efficient than shipping empty glass or plastic bottles to be filled.

Did you know that a whopping 76% of the boxes are made from trees? Making it one of the most sustainable beverage packages ever.

The trees that are used to make the boxes came from certified well managed forests  in which they constantly grow by replacing the ones harvested and removes the c02 from the atmosphere.

I came across their waters online and just had to try them to see if there is any difference from plastic and boxed water.

What makes this company awesome is that they give 10% to water relief and reforestation foundations! 

All the reason more to make me want to try out their products! 

I was sent their water for review and couldn't wait to twist off the cap and take a sip when I took it along with me to the gym this morning.

I am in absolute love with it!

It doesn't taste any different from plastic water bottles and doesn't offer a cardboard taste like some other drinks do that are in boxes.

Check them out online on their website below and connect with them on their social networking sites! 





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