Threetwins organic ice cream review!

Whether it's warm outside or you are just craving something sweet ice cream is a treat that not only will cool you down but cure any sweet tooth that you may have. 

One of my favorite treats to cool down with is ice cream, especially Threetwins  ice cream because it's organic, delicious and they've got so many flavors to choose from!  I've reviewed them awhile back and just had to try out other flavors so they are back for another review! 

So I went to Wholefoods one day and picked up some mouthwatering flavors and here is what I chose.

Vanilla bean:

Vanilla is one of my favorite ice cream flavors because it's cool, creamy and delicious and best of all it  goes wonderful with so many toppings such as fruit, nuts, chocolate candy pieces, granola and a drizzle of caramel or even chocolate sauce with a dollop of whipped topping and a cherry! 

Chocolate orange confetti:
I know I tried this one before but it's my favorite! Chocolate and orange taste so great together! Chocolate ice cream infused with orange zest makes the perfect dessert!

Chocolate malt:

I loved going to the malt shoppe as a kid they had the best ice cream! So when I came across this flavor in the store I knew I had to buy it because it reminded me of my childhood, I thought why not make a chocolate malt shake so I did just that!

I gathered the ingredients and put it in the blender and watched it whirl around waiting in anticipation for the first sip! It was pure heaven as I thought it would be! Creamy, delicious and full of chocolate !  

Milk coffee:

I've tried many brands of coffee ice cream and wasn't all that impressed with them being that some of them had a strong coffee flavor this one from three twins was just right it wasn't too strong or too sweet! I added some chocolate chips as a topping being that coffee and chocolate go perfectly together! It was the perfect sweet treat and it was just enough to cure any sweet tooth!   


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