Tastymakes review!

Founder of Tastymakes Melissa Lacitignola knows firsthand that eating healthy foods can save your life. On September 28, 2009 riding her bike home from work she was struck by an SUV. Thankfully her helmet saved her life. After her accident she started a plant based alkaline raw food diet that strengthened her quality of life. 

Doctors thought that's she wouldn't ever regain olfactory senses again but her and her husband Ignazio didn't believe that.

He was on a mission to find a cure which lead to a diet based upon raw and alkaline foods.

Sure enough the diet worked and they wowed the doctors.

Melissa's healing led her and her husband to Tastymakes!

They also have the cutest taste tester, their daughter Sofia!  It's so cool how her and I have the same birthday! 

Tasty facts:

Certified organic

Made with raw and sprouted ingredients 
Gluten free

Interesting raw facts:

Did you know that when you eat healthy raw foods you will have no ups or downs throughout the day, substantial amount of energy, you sleep better and your mental clarity increases as well. 

Vanilla nut bar bites:

Deliciously nutty chewy bites with the smooth  and sweet essence of vanilla goes wonderful on top of yogurt with some fresh or frozen fruit or even crumbled on frozen yogurt! 

Lemon bar bites:

Bursting with lemon flavor in every chewy bite! These are wonderful with yogurt as well with frozen blueberries on top or just pop them in your mouth for an on the go snack! 








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