BIC SoleilGlow razors bzzagent campaign!

I was sent a new product from Bic through bzzagent to try their new razors which is BIC soleil glow! 

What makes these razors so great is they contain three in one package!

Each handle has a beautiful pastel color to it with rubber grip which makes it easier to use when showering so you won't drop it.

The razor makes it easier to shave with it's head sliding over the surfaces of your body.

I couldn't wait to start shaving away with these new razors so when it arrived I opened the package and took a razor out and took a bath to relax and decided to shave my legs.

I noticed upon shaving that it didn't knick my skin due to the aloe and lubrications strips with vitamin e that comfort your skin rather than cutting and it gives a nice clean shave because it offers three blades that adjust to the curves of your body.

I like how the razor didn't irritate my skin at all unlike other razors I've used and that it leaves my skin feeling nice and soft! 

Thanks bzzagent and BIC, I'm so glad I was a part of this bzzagent campaign! 


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