Gaiam: Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 review!

I workout six days a week at the gym and I don't stop there either. When it's nice outside I go for a walk or workout to DVDs. The DVD collection for working out I've felt like they aren't challenging enough and needed to switch it up! When you know exactly what the instructor is going to say while doing the DVD even when you've got the sound muted yeah it's time to switch it up. 

So I started browsing on Gaiam's website and started checking out their products. I've noticed that they make all kinds of products for working out such as clothing, yoga mats and exercise DVDs. So I thought to myself well they've got Jillian Michaels  DvDs and since she's the spokesperson for Curves gym which I'm a member of and have never tried her workouts and wanted to change up my workout routine for when I'm at home. 

I went with her Ripped in 30 DVD for a challenge. With her Ripped in 30 there are 4 weeks of workouts getting you in the best shape of your life with a mix of abs, cardio and strength including a 30 day diet plan as well. 

Keep in mind I'll be doing this challenge along with working out in the gym, at home as well as eating healthy.

Here's a photo of me before I started ripped in 30. 

Week 1:
I have to admit this workout is intense within the first few minutes or so I started sweating, it sure is a challenge but worth it! I felt energized and better than ever! 

Week 2:
Since I started doing the 30 day shred with Jillian I've lost 4 pounds and I'm so proud! I like how it starts off with simple exercises and progresses as you go along with her in the workouts. I can feel a difference already by doing certain exercises I wasn't able to do before, she really puts you to work in this DVD and I can feel a difference in my clothing they feel a bit looser and my balance is better and not wobbly as much when doing the workouts!

Week 3:
This is where it starts to get more challenging, but I didn't give up I kept going!  

Week 4:
As she says in the beginning of the DVD week 4 is "the mother of all workouts" it gets real here! I'm talking about  an even more challenging workout and you never look back! Only to notice how far you've come! It's funny how some of the moves I wasn't able to do before but now I'm doing them with no problem and it feels great! I've noticed my body looking slimmer and that since I've started doing this challenge I've lost weight and am still continuing to lose and I feel better than ever! 

Although I didn't do the 30 day meal plan I ate healthy and still was able to lose weight and feel wonderful about it! 

I'm glad I got to try this workout DVD because it took me out of my comfort zone and set me to work!

Want to try out a challenging workout like I did?

Check out Gaiam products on their website that's listed below!


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