Energyfruits review!

In 2008 David Istier founder of energyfruits traveled all over from east to west and then north to south trying to get supermarkets in on the idea of healthy snacks for adults. 

While traveling He snacked on the kid pouches but thought hey, why can't adults have a snack that's made just for them that's especially healthy geared toward busy lifestyles?

He came up with the idea of using fruits that are more exotic such as mangoes and made it more flavorful by adding in little bites of apples and pears to the mixture that contain essential vitamins and that's when energyfruits was born!

I'm always on the go and like to have a snack on me whether it's in my purse or in the car especially one that's convenient.

I tend to have a snack after my morning workout at the gym to keep me going till lunchtime which is great because it gives me a burst of energy, these crushed fruit pouches from Energyfruits do just that!

So what is energyfruits? 

They are crushed fruit pouches that are great for adults for on the go snacking with a burst of fruity energy! 

They give you a burst of energy and they are fruity and delicious! They come in three fruity flavors! 

I came across them on the web and just had to review their snack pouches because they sounded so good and would be the perfect snack for me for on the go whether it be after a workout or an evening snack.

Here are some Fruity facts:

Contains 1 fruit serving per pouch
No sugar added
Contains less than 100 calories 
Full of bite-amins (vitamins)
Packed with antioxidants
You'll get a boost of energy from the fruit
Contains a 100% daily value of vitamin C

I was sent a box of their flavors to try out for review and couldn't wait to twist the cap off and start snacking! 

These are great because they aren't messy like some fruits are if you were to bring an orange and then have juice all over the place! 

Here are the three flavors I was sent! 

Mango with apple and pear:

I love mangoes this one I tried first and it was amazing! Very flavorful and fruity! 

Orange acerola cherry with apple and pear:

I loved the burst of orange flavor with the hint of cherry it was so good I couldn't stop sipping on the pouch each time I put it down I was going back for more! 

Blueberry plum with apple and pear:

This one tasted so good, it reminded me of blueberry jam with plum blueberries and the sweetness from the plums and light taste of apple and pear. 

If you lead a busy lifestyle and don't have time to grab a snack before you run out the door you will love these fruit pouches they are convenient and fit in your purse they are also delicious! Check them out online and connect with them on their social networking sites below! 







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