Detour Smart bars cranberry flax review!

I recently did a review on the new Bars from Detour Smart called Smart Bars not long ago for their apple cinnamon and blueberry and loved them so much!

You can find my review here for the Blueberry and apple cinnamon smart bars!

I found myself snacking on them after my workouts being that it's packed with whey protein.

They are great for on the go snacking, breakfast or as a post workout snack! 

They are made with organic oats and certified gluten free!

Another plus is they offer a great amount of fiber and they naturally sweeten them using all natural ingredients and no artificial anything! 

They are packed with protein and chunks of fruit baked to perfection in every bar, best part it has a yogurt drizzle right on top!

I was sent their Cranberry Flax bars just recently to try out for review, and it couldn't wait to bite into them!

To me it was sweet and tasted just like a cranberry muffin but better being that it's got the yogurt drizzle on top! 

They've also got a chocolate peanut butter smart bar to, which I would love to try because it not only offers protein but chocolate and peanut butter go along great together! 



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