Mint-X rodent repellent tall kitchen trash bags review!

There comes a time where we don't always finish our dinner and end up tossing the rest into a trash bag and then toss it outside because it's convenient for the garbage truck driver to pick it up in the morning.

Then when morning comes there is a huge mess all over the lawn due to rodents getting into the trash.

What draws animals an animal to the trash is what's inside of the bag whether it's leftover meat or plain old food scraps.

Your probably wondering then what keeps them way from the trash or even the garden.

The answer is mint they don't like the smell of it at all!

The Mint-X company make trash bags that have mint locked right into them.

Did you know that rodents have a nasal cavity that's comprised of 50% olfactory tissue which humans is only 5% which for rodents the smell is annoying and for us humans it's exhilarating.

Using mint-x trash bags also helps with those nasty funky odors from foods and such. 

Where is your rodent problem?

Here are some tips if you have them outside your home:

Use only the mint-x trash bags, mixing them with a regular trash bag will draw the rats still because it lessens the mint scent on the bags. 

Clean the area thoroughly making sure there is no water nearby 

Set out traps 

Double bag your trash for the first two weeks if you've got huge rats lurking around your trash

Problem was outside now it's inside:

Check for leaks of water and water accumulation

Be sure to throw away food and scraps in mint-x bags tying them tightly 

Be sure to look for any holes, cracks and crevices around the baseboards, cabinets and doors fill them with wire mesh and caulk.

Set out snap traps, bait traps and glue boards along with the mint-x bags to keep the rodents away.

Taking over facility:

- For situations that are out of control a comprehensive Pest Management Program must be executed. Contact your local Pest Management Professional and get started.

very important for the Mint-X Trash Bags to be a part of the pest management program as it will remove the human food source option making pest management techniques and tools much more effective.

 When executing a pest management program, be sure to use only Mint-X Rodent Repellent Trash Bags.

- Remove  clutter, fix leaks, seal cracks or crevices and remove food scraps.

I've happened upon mint-x one day while watching tv when their commercial came on and I've never heard of them before and just had to see what all the fuss was about and especially wanted to see if they work as good as people say they do.

I was sent their trash bags for review and couldn't wait to try them out. At our home we would leave the trash outside at night and in the morning there was a huge mess all over the place I mean it looked like an animal of some kind tore open the bag and ate it's way through it. I know gross! But with mint-x I'm covered!

Check out their products online!

You can find them on the shelves at Your local Walmart !



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